N3 Zipper Dress

You may remember Sebastian Errazuriz, as the designer that designed the headless duck lamp that I blogged about this past July.

Today, I come to you with another of Sebastian Errazuriz interesting designs.

Check out Sebastian Errazuriz’ N3 Zipper Dress.

Zipper Dress

The zipper dress is made from 120 metal zippers. The zipper dress can be worn as a dress, t-shirt, skirt, belt etc. The possibilities are endless.

“The idea was to create a single dress that could easily be reconstructed over and over again, ” said Sebastian Errazuriz in a February 2009 article published by Eleanor Glover,Daily Mail.

Source: The credit crunch dress with 120 zips that can be worn dozens of ways

A very special thank you Sebastian Errazuriz for use of his photo. Be sure to check out the interesting designs of Sebastian Errazuriz at his website meetsebastian.com

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