Wellbutrin- My desire to be thin

In today’s society the picture of beauty is a thin woman. Societies image of what real beauty is suppose to be fuels many women with a desire to be thin.

What risks are you willing to take to be thin?

Depression medication is a solution for some, but the side effects can be very dangerous.

September of 2009, I blogged about my Wellbutrin experience. At that time I had just started taking Bupropion Wellbutrin XL, an antridepressant.

Three months later I went to the clinic for what I thought was a sinus infection and was informed that my blood pressure was dangerously high.

After Christmas we returned to my family doctor and it was decided by the Doctor and my husband that I could no-longer bear the side effects of Wellbutrin. I was put back on Celexa.

Now that I have returned to taking Celexa, the rapid heartbeat, hypertension, hostility, mood instability, chest pain and shortness of breath, anxiety and restlessness have all gone away or improved.

I had been on Celexa for years so why did I switch?

Wellbutrin has been know to assist people in loosing weight. The desire to be thin weighed heavenly on me and I believe if I started Wellbutrin I would loose weight. I did loose 10 lbs.

So while Wellbutrin causes weight loss, severe side effects occur when using Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin also carries a risk of seizures.

At the end of the day, my desire to be beautiful and thin just wasn’t worth it. This is who I am, I need to learn to love my body, flaws and all.

Mirror, mirror on my bathroom wall. The refection I see in you is the most beautiful reflection of all.

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