Things that sound dirty

On my post: Effective Online Communication, Carl wondered if there was a tutorial on how to avoid words which can be taken the wrong way.

I was unable to provide Carl with a list of words or phrases to avoid in online communication, but I can provide my readership with a post on phrases which sound sexual, but aren’t.

Sometimes things are not what they seem.

Things said that sound dirty but aren’t:

  • Stop playing with the balls. (Said to my son by me at a dollar store.)
  • Remove your top. (Said to me at a Tim Hortons. She was requesting I take the top of my mug.)
  • Hurry up and lick it.  (Referring to a melting ice cream cone.)
  • Do you have any nuts? (Asked at the counter of McDonald’s after ordering a Sunday.)
  • You’d make a good call girl.( Said to me by my son. He meant I had a nice telephone voice for telemarketing .)
  • The melons are firm. (Said at the grocery store.)
  • It’s kind of loose. (Referring to a loose screw.)
  • It’s a tight fit. (Said by my husband when trying to put up a flat screen mount.)
  • Hold my bag. (Said to my husband at Walmart while I went into the restroom.)
  • That thing is huge.
  • Give it to me already.
  • Are you coming?
  • Will you just get off.
  • Quit playing with it.
  • I can’t get it up.

Do you have any phrases to add?

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