Carry Pregancy despite Prenatal Diagnosis

A child’s death is one of the greatest losses of all.

Somewhere today a woman is being told that her baby has a birth defect. She will then have to make the decision between terminating her pregnancy or continuing to carry full term despite the prenatal diagnosis.

As hard as it is for her to know that her child may be born stillborn or die shortly after birth, I hope she makes the decision to carry her baby to term.

My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. At five weeks old, she died during surgery. Had I known before she was born that she had a birth defect I would have still carried her to term.

Even though her time on earth was short, she touched my life. I’m blessed to have carried her for 9 months. I’m so thankful I got to meet her rather than miss the opportunity of never knowing her. I was able to hold, love, care for and kiss my daughter for those five weeks. I blessed to have been able to hold her after her death. I was able to give her a proper burial and there is a graveside where I can visit her.

One of the greatest gifts I have been granted in life is my precious daughter Katie and I carry her memory with me everywhere I go.

My precious daughter is gone now, and I miss her terribly. I find comfort in knowing that Katie is in the arms of God. Both of my parents are with her, I know she is waiting for mommy to greet her again when God too has chosen me.

Those who are considering abortion may not realize that even a brief life lived offers so much.

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