BPD Lying and Meds

A common characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder is pathological lying and compulsive lying.

My daughter has a tendency to lie. I found out recently that she has not been taking her medication. (Most people with BPD do not stay on their meds.)

Every two weeks my daughter is given a two week supply of her medication by the pharmacy, which she drops off here at the house with us and we give her a three days supply.

Last Friday I told her she was out and she’d have to pick up another prescription from the pharmacy on Saturday.

Sunday evening I asked her on the phone if she had picked up her meds and she told me that she had.

On Tuesday morning she emails me to tell me that she’s lied to me about picking up her medication and that she had forgotten to take her pill a few times.

I already had a strong feeling that she had not been taking her medication, because of her defensive and snappy replies to me in person and on the phone.

She told me that she lied to me, because she thought I’d be mad at her.

I wasn’t mad at her for not picking up her medication. I was annoyed that she lied and I was disappointed that she had not been taking her meds.

I told my daughter that as a grown woman of 20 she should know by now she needs her medication. She should remember to take them and if she forget then her partner should remind her to take them as he is the one living with her, not me. ( It isn’t up to me to call her everyday and remind her.)

I told her that I did hope that she would start to become a little more responsible where her health is concerned.

I’ve come to realize that I can’t make her take the medication. I can’t rescue her.

And so the journey continues.

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