A cab driver yells prejudice

Profanity and Name Calling in the Deli

Tonight we stopped into the grocery store to pick up some ham from the deli. As we approached the deli counter we heard a bunch of yelling.

To our surprise, here is this cab driver screaming at the girls behind the deli counter and at one of the maintenance guys.

He said something about taking the broom the maintenance guy was using and sticking it up the guys behind.

He’s calling the one deli clerk a fat cow and the other deli clerk a little slut. (Both of them teen girls.)

I’m surprised staff didn’t ask him to leave the store. I know I would have.

My husband calls the cab driver by name and he turns around, approaches us and starts mouthing off about the staff.

(We knew the cab driver only from having rode in his cab in the past.)

We just kept looking through the cart of buns and my husband said something like “oh ya.” All the while I’m mumbling “We are not getting involved in this.” Then we walked away.

Allegedly the deli clerks were making fun of his adult daughter. (This is what he told us.)

The deli staff had a different story to tell.

Allegedly the two girls were joking back and forth and he assumed they were laughing at him and his daughter.

Now I don’t know what actually took place that caused such a commotion.

What I do know is this:

An older man with piercings, whose head is covered with tattoos, feels that he and his daughter are being made fun off and discriminated against, because of their appearance. How does he respond? He responds with threats of violence and petty, immature, profanity-laced name calling.

(Now, he is being judged for his behavior.)

If the girls were having a laugh at his and his daughters expense then he had every right to be upset. However, appropriate action should have been taken. He should have filed a complaint with the store manager and they could have investigated things to see what happened. After-all, there are cameras in the store.

Aggressive reactions serve no purpose. Responding with such profanity will not fix the prejudice problem if there was in fact one.

When we reached the deli counter, the one clerk greeted us with a friendly “may I help you.” The other girl was behind the deli counter, kind of off into the corner, sweeping the floor. Her eyes were red from crying. My husband politely asked if she was ok. I felt bad for her.

We often talk with regards how to handle such problems that arise between children, but how do we handle situation such as the one above when we are adults?

How do you deal with prejudice?

Remember: Appearance does not define a person.

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