The Switch- Not a chick flick

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Reviewers are calling ‘The Switch’ starring ‘Jennifer Aniston’ and ‘Jason Bateman’ more a bro-mance than a chick flick.

Tonight hubby and I went to see ‘The Switch.’ There were approximately 40 people in the theater. Of those 40 people, 10 of them were males. You would think by the ratio of males to females that the movie was your typical chick flick, but it is not.

In The Switch, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston star as best friends Wally and Kassie.

Kassie’s biological clock is ticking. She wants a baby, so she decides to get pregnant via sperm donor. Wally’s attitude doesn’t exactly make him ideal father material, so she doesn’t accept his offer of sperm.

Wally not exactly supportive of her choice, gets drunk at her insemination party and switches her original donor’ sperm for his.

The result of his hijacking her pregnancy is their son Sebastian, a mini Wally.

I won’t say much more about the movie as I don’t want to give too much away.

The movie isn’t your typical chick flick as it focuses more on Wally’s bond with his son, Sebastian than Wally’s love for Kassie.

Was the movie any good?

I found the movie both touching and humorous. Thomas Robinson does an excellent job at playing Sebastian. Overall, an enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone wanting to see a good heartfelt, humorous comedy.

The Switch

Have you seen ‘The Switch?’

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