Strange classified ads

You’ve most likely read stories of people auctioning off strange items on eBay. Well eBay isn’t the only place where strange things are sold online.

Recently a fawn named Bella was rescued in Nova Scotia after someone tried to sell her illegally for $300 in a Kijiji online classified ad.

You can read the full story at “Deer for sale on Kijiji rescued.”

I once saw an artificial leg being sold via Kijiji classifieds. I emailed the person selling the leg and told them they should donate the artificial limb to War Amps.

A woman emailed me back, telling me that she buys items and then resells them.

(So she purchased someones artificial leg and was now reselling the leg on Kijiji.)

A few months back I was browsing Kijiji and there was a guy who was trying to get his bikini lawn care service off the ground. (I thought he was crazy, but apparently there is a lawn care company in the US offering Bikini lawn care.)

 	 We-Vibe Personal Massager

In the greater Toronto area, someone is selling a “We Vibe Personnel Massager” via Kijiji. ( I hope it wasn’t previously used.)

Kiji Coffin

Someone in Halifax is looking to purchase a coffin via Kijiji. ( I thought it was a joke, but according to the ad it’s not.)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen for sale on a classified website?

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