Clueless customer service

Bad customer service is everywhere these days!

Yesterday I went to the mall, because I needed to get my cell phone reactivated. I told the sales associate assisting us that my cell phone plan had expired several months ago and he would have to reactivate the phone and give me a new number.

The sales associate asked for my old number. When he entered it into the computer the number was registered to another person. (Well duh! That’s because my contract expired, so they assigned my old number to someone else.)

I tried to explain to the clueless sales associate that my prepaid cell phone plan expired . He wouldn’t listen and assigned me a new number, and apparently reactivated my phone with the new number. He was unable to change the registration info, so now my new number and my phone are registered to this other person.

( He even printed out a page with this persons address, home number and email address on it and gave it to me. Talk about releasing private info.)

He tells us that he can’t figure out how to get my cell phone back in my name, so we’ll have to call customer service or come back up to the mall tomorrow when someone else more knowledge than him would be working, who could assist us. (I’m sick. I’ve come down with some viral bug and I have already stood at the mall for an hour while this most clueless, sales associate is trying to activate my cell phone. Now I’m being told to come back.)

My husband gets on the phone with customer service today to straighten out things and get my cell phone put back in my name.

Customer service tells us the sales associate never did activate my phone and that we’d have to go all the way back up to the mall to get it activated. (So whose number did he change? Did he change the number of the poor unsuspecting cell phone customer who has my old number?)

Also the new number he assigned me, couldn’t be assigned to me, because that number too belongs to someone else.

After a trip back to the mall we did eventually get things strained out. I have a new number and my cell phone is back in my name.

What a mess!

Obviously the sales associate needs more on the job training and shouldn’t be left alone in charge of things until he knows his jobl.

What would you think of customer service like this? Can you relate to my cell phone horror story?

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