Clean Money

It all comes out in the wash

I had lost my wallet.

“It’s got to be around the house somewhere” I said to myself.

I looked in all the possible wallet locations such as on my desk, the kitchen, my dresser and I even checked the bathroom.

Still my wallet was no where to be found. I knew that I had just had my wallet with me in the van, so there were very few options as to where it could be. Unless I left it in the van or worse I left it in my jean shorts that were now in the washing machine.

While in the midst of my ‘I can’t find my wallet melt down,’ the phone rings and it’s my son. He’s done work and needs a ride home. So I go down to the van with my husband to see if my wallet is in there. It’s not, so the only possible location for it is the washing machine.

(I’m laundering money. No, I’m not concealing the source of illegally received money. I have clean money. I’m laundering money as in clothes laundering.)

When we get home the washer is going through it’s spin cycle. My husband lets the washer finish spinning, reaches in and pulls out my wallet.

In my wallet is $50.00 of wet bills.

Not quite as bad as when my daughters mp4 player took a spin or the time I accidentally flushed white puppy down the toilet..

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever unknowingly washed?

I asked my 802 Twitter followers, but only 1 of them told me.

@onealchris Chris O’Neal washed his USB drive, then dried it completely! Still works! Cruzer® USB Flash Drives take a beating and still work.

@amandastock couldn’t tell me because then I would know the strangest thing she has carried around in her pocket.

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