She is not a burden

Parenting is a lifelong commitment. There are no holidays from being a parent.

My 20 year old daughter has Borderline Personality Disorder. Before you say “that must be so hard for you” allow me to tell you this.

Mental illness is just like a physical illness.

The pain of seeing my daughter go through this is difficult. No one wants to see their child sick. Having a daughter with BPD can be compared to when your baby is sick and you’re left in the dark, because your 5 month old baby can’t come out and say where it hurts. You have to watch for the signs.

My daughter has had bouts of depression, and rage attacks. She’s harmed herself and attempted suicide. She’s suffered from sexual addiction and an eating disorder. She impulsively shops, and at times lacks emotional control.

However, my daughter does not hold me down. I work, I still enjoy time with friends and family.

I enjoy quality time spent with her. She is there when I need a hug and she calls me everyday when she gets off work. Not because she needs me, but because I need that call from her.

Sometimes my daughter is in a”trapped child” zone though and wants someone to take care of her. But, don’t we all at times. Right now I’m sick from a viral infection and I’m whiny. When you or I are not well, what we mostly want is someone to look after us.

Life is filled with ups and downs. Things breakdown, jobs are lost, love ones get sick. I can dwell with all that is wrong in my life or I focus on what is good.

I have a loving husband and I have given birth to three beautiful children.

I don’t think of my daughter as being a burden and you shouldn’t either. My daughter is not a burden, she’s a blessing. Parenting is a responsibility and no personal responsibility should ever be considered a burden. My daughter is apart of my family and families support one another through the good and the bad. Whatever challenges we face, we face them together.

My daughter has a tough journey ahead, but she doesn’t have to walk it alone, because I’m there with her. After-all I am her mom.

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