The Scoop on Poop

When Darren (Problogger) spoke about becoming a playful blogger and injecting some energy into ones blogging, I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to blogging. I have blogged about strange gadgets, blogging tips, conversational issues and shared my own personal stories.

Steve Youngs, who doesn’t find me dull nor boring commented via Twitter that I don’t always write about things that interest him.

That’s good, because I don’t want to cater to a specific audience. This blog doesn’t have a specific niche. I can talk about anything I want to and it is going to be of interest to someone. (I think! I hope! Nah, I’m sure it will be.)

Twitter poop and blogging

Today I’m going to talk about poop. If you are not interested in poop talk then why not channel surf onto the next blog, but don’t put the remote control down, because my next post may interest you.

Twitter Poop

Yesterday, @Babe_Chilla said there was a lot of poo talk in the twitter stream. I RT her tweet, because I thought it was funny. In return author Bobby Nash asked me via Twitter if poop was popular? So I searched poop on Twitter and there were a number of people using the word poop. To this all Bobby could say is “Wow.”

I then searched Google and learned about ‘Tweet Your Poop,’ a site that allows you to select a “quality” and “shade” of your most recent poop. ( Don’t ask me why.)

Tonight, I searched ‘my poop’ on Twitter and there were a number of people tweeting about poop.

@micahk tweets that the maintenance guy didn’t flush his poop in his toilet.

@trchandler: Todd Chandler, spent the day scooping poop at the Topeka Dog Show.

I then did a little more research on Twitter poop and I found that
TwttrPoop tracks the whole world pooping in real time on Twitter. ( Couldn’t get the site to load.)

@pooptweets is a Twitter account to share thoughts and ideas while pooping, and frequently about pooping. (Doesn’t look like the twitter user has been active.)

Photo sites of poop? Gross!

Remember those Hot or Not websites where you uploaded a pic of yourself and people could rate it. Well now, there is rate your poop site. I don’t know why anyone would want to upload a photo of their bowel movement and have people rate it.

Poop products:

Check out this Poop Soap that looks absolutely disgusting. So disgusting that I’m not posting the pic. The Poop Soap is set to be the perfect gag gift at $9.95 a poop each .

Poop toy
I don’t know about you, but I taught my dogs not to play with their poop, so I’m not sure why I would purchase them a furry Poop squeak chew toy. In case you want to you can purchase one from

Poop in the news

Why let human waste go to waste? BBC news reports a “poo-powered” VW Beetle has taken to the streets of Bristol. (Read Poo-powered’ car seen on the streets of Bristol.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about poop.

Past poop blog posts

Poop Doll

Do you remember the poop dolls designed by 22 year-old Emma Megitt?

Let’s not forget the “Lucky Golden Poop Charm” a popular item sold in Japan.

You can always count on me to bring you the straight poop. To think this entire post idea came from a tweet about poo talk in the twitter stream.

I tell you this: You can find interesting post ideas anywhere. Will the topic be of interest to all my readers? Probably not! It’s hard to please everyone at the same time. (Will Steve Youngs find it interesting? Most likely, not! Will he laugh? Steve will have to tell us.)

If you blog about ‘poop’ like I do please know that you might scare away some of your readers. And yet you might get a bunch of new readers who find your blogging style humorous.

People with niches do tend to do very well, but I’m happy just being me and blogging about everything and anything.

Do you have a niche for your blog? Do you worry about giving your readers what they want?

Did you like my poop post?

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