Death of a Blogger

My deepest condolences

I received some sad news yesterday. A fellow writer, member of my community and faithful reader of my blog passed away from diabetes complications at the age of 65. Her death has come as a shock to me. Gail Bell (baileesmom) will be deeply missed by all those who knew her online, as a writer and blogger. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring woman and I know that I for one will miss her dearly. I send my heartfelt condolences to her daughter Tina and friends.

What happens to someone’s blog, after they have died?

Gail’s blogs are still up. Her last post was 13 days ago.

Her web-host has graciously posted a message alerting her blog readers of her death. They are also managing comments so her online friends may leave condolences.

Her blogs will remain up until her hosting expires. I do believe her daughter plans to take over one of her blogs.

When a blogger dies and their blog is hosted with Blogger, his or her blog lives on. Google won’t delete the blog unless asked to.

If the late blogger’s family knows the blog password then they can decide whether to let it remain or delete it. If they don’t know the password, then they must follow the steps outlined in Google’s Help section. After that, Google needs 30 days to process the documents.

Have you ever wondered exactly what will happen to your website or blog if you were to pass away? If your blog is self hosted, do you know how your hosting company handles death?

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