Novelty Sleep Masks

Anne bender asks what’s wrong with the old fashioned eye mask for sleeping?

Good question Anne!

Do we really need sleep aid products like the Snazzy Napper when sleep masks have been working for decades.

Over the years the appearance of sleeping masks have sure change though. Novelty sleeping masks are growing in popularity.

Here is a list of fun sleep masks to add to your collection.

Cat nap sleep mask

Take a cat nap with the cat nap sleep mask.


Night Shades Sleep Mask

Night Shades Sleep Mask – Now you too can wear your sunglasses at night.

View Master Sleep Eye Mask by FreakyOldWoman

View Master Sleep Eye Mask

Via Etsy

Embroidered sleep mask, weird and funny eyes

The weird and funny eyes embroidered sleep mask

i am woman, hear me snore!

I am woman, hear me snore sleep mask!

Michael Jackson Dangerous Sleep Mask

The Michael Jackson Sleep Mask

FREAK Them Out Sleep Eye Mask Bloody Face

FREAK Them Out Sleep Eye Mask Bloody Face
Via: Etsy

Eye Mask - Fuck Off

This mask tells someone in a not so nice way that you do not wish to be disturbed. Via:

"Mommy is Sleeping, Go Ask Daddy" Silk Satin Sleep Mask

“Mommy is Sleeping, Go Ask Daddy” Silk Satin Sleep Mask

 	 "Working on my Novel" Silk Satin Sleep Mask

“Working on my Novel”
– The perfect mask for the writer.

Top two masks are available via

Do you wear a sleep mask? Do you have a favorite among those posted here?

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