A Bizarre Fragrance

I couldn’t resist sharing this product from Germany.

Warning: Adult content.

There’s a new fragrance on the market called “Vulva Original.” I kid you not faithful readers.

Vulva Original is a scented product with a vaginal odor that is specifically described as not being a perfume or cologne.

Vulva Original was made to trigger sexual attraction and desire by mimicking the aroma of a woman’s vagina. A small drop of the organic substance is applied onto the back of ones hand and it is suppose to immediately intensify your erotic fantasies. The fragrance was developed by taking a combination of urine, sweat, and female arousal from a women.

Saul Pullivan from Viceland.com spoke with the CEO Guido Lenssen of the German company that makes Vulva. Lenssen says the samples were taken from the blonde featured on the Vulva Original website. Lenssen reveals that they tested out a variety of women, but she had the best smell.


There are just no words. What’s next, a semen cologne?

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