WowWee Alive Perfect Puppy

WowWee Alive Perfect Puppy sure to make the 2010 Christmas Hot Toys List

Christmas may be months away,but I can bet this new toy will be hot on children’s Christmas list.

“The WowWee Alive Perfect Puppy, is a lovable, life-like puppy brought to us by the same robot creators that brought us the Robosapien.

Robot Dog

Choose from Buddy an adorable goldendoodle, or Bella a Portuguese Water Dog.

Robot Dog

According to the descriptions on WowWee’s official site, the WowWee Alive Perfect Puppy is life size puppy that makes 18 life-like sounds including sniff, bark, whimper, grumble and snore. It can tell the difference between a tickle, pat, stroke and hug and will respond to each. Their eyes, mouth, ears and tail are all animated. Comes with an collar and brush. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Said to be available at ToysRus though I couldn’t find it on their website. I did find it for sale at

How many shopping days until Christmas anyhow?

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