Provocative Fashion Trends and Teens

A trend of revealing clothing for young girls

Most of today’s clothing styles for teen girls do nothing to promote modesty.

If you have a teen daughter in high school, her back-to-school shopping list may contain a pair of skinny jeans. They are apparently what is hot this school year.

Now a days it is nearly impossible to find pants that do not sit ridiculously low or extremely tight. Don’t get me started on skirts?

A skirt should cover your butt when you sit down and I don’t think it is ok for a 15 year old to be wearing a revealing top that shows off her cleavage.

Oh and tights are not pants, but tell that to a 16 year old. I’m not sure who started the trend, but seeing a young girl in white tights that leave nothing to the imagination is trashy.

Roxy Junior's Motor On Skinny Jean

Where are the parents? Why are they allowing their young girls to walk around like this?

When my daughter lived at home I recall many fights over clothing.

Now I realize that a small minority of parents might have no problem with the way their teenage daughter is dressing.

Then there is the percentage of parents who may not have a clue what their daughter is actually wearing once they leave the house . They may have prohibited their daughter from wearing certain clothing, only to have her change outfits once she leaves the house.

I recall one time when my daughter was in high school. My husband received a phone call from the school that she had been cutting class. He drove over to the school to find her in the hall wearing a skirt that didn’t cover her tush when she sat down. He was livid. My daughter did not leave the house like that or did she own the skirt she was wearing. She borrowed it from a friend. Needless to say my husband made her change.

I don’t know how many times she came home with shorts too short or inappropriate tops with sayings on them and we took them from her.

“Sexy” clothing such as thongs and lingerie is now manufactured in children’s sizes and marketed to tweens. I recall my daughter coming home from school at 13, telling me that most of the girls in her class were wearing thongs. 13?

I know from experience what a struggle it can be arguing with a furious thirteen-year-old who wants a pair of thongs ‘like all the other girls in her gym class” can sometimes seem like a battle not worth fighting. It can be difficult to say no when your daughter is begging you for that thong, but it’s your responsibility as a parent to say no.

Why are girls dressing this way though?

Girls may dress provocatively for a number of reasons, from wanting to fit in with her peers to wanting to appear older than she is or to attract attention from the opposite sex.

Clothing that is both sexy and provocative are being marketed to a much younger audience and more and more provocative clothing is being released each year.

Many of the children styles as well as teen styles look the same as the ones in the ladies wear section of department stores.

I recall last year hearing on the radio one mothers frustration to find a Halloween costume for her 12 year old daughter that wasn’t sexually provocative. (Then you have celebrity parents like the The Cyruses who allow their nine year old daughter to dress like this: Noah Cyrus’ Inappropriate Halloween Costume: Seriously?)

T-shirts including slogans such as ‘sex kitten’ and ‘flirt’ are now being made for girls as young as six. Primark is the latest British retailer to face criticism for making padded bikini tops for girls as young as seven.

Magazine websites like run modeling competitions like are you 2010 most stylish teen, where girls can upload photos of them-self to be rated on.

If you can’t see that media encourage girls to believe that their appearance is based on their sexual attractiveness then you must be living on a rock or walking around blindfolded.

Before you go off on me, this isn’t just my opinion.

“The media is a huge influence to girls’ style of dress,” says Dr. Elizabeth Ward, a member of the American Pscyhological Association (APA)

The desire to fit in and belong is a common feeling amongst young girls and marketers know this.

CBC claims that, “Sex has always sold, but now its children that are buying. Tweens, kids aged eight to 14, are a hot target for companies. And now more than ever, sex is being used to get their dollars” (Buying into Sexy) CBC followed around a preteen for a day. When asked why young girls feel the need to dress sexy, the girl replied, “You get more attention and strange guys come up to you and try and get you to go to nightclubs.”

The fact that sex is being used to sell to young girls is very disturbing and I commented on that in my recent post “Sex in advertising.” Abercrombie and Fitch’s website has a A&F Lifestyle section that displays pictures of models in sexual poses.

In 2007, the American Psychological Association Task Force released a report examining the sexualization of young girls via the media.

The APA report noted several examples that they felt sexualized young women, including: Bratz dolls, Sexy lingerie, and Thongs aimed at young girls.

A website Mumsnet have launched a campaign called ‘Let Girls Be Girls’ and they have asked retailers to commit not to sell products which play upon, emphasize or exploit girls sexuality.

So the next time you see a young teenage girl wearing daisy duke shorts and a top that shows too much cleavage you can get mad at media for the sexualization of our children.

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