A love for Betty White

The Betty White phenomenon

Should I be worried that my 16 year old son has an infatuation with an 88 year old woman?

I may be concerned if his infatuation was with no other than the actress, comedian who recently won an Emmy for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series.

My son is infatuated with the Golden Girl herself- Betty White.

Son: I’m going to marry Betty White.
Me: Betty white is 88 years old.
Son: Betty’s age cannot come between my love for her.

My son cracks me up.

What is everyone’s infatuation with the Golden Girl, Betty White?

I asked my 16 year old son why he loves Betty and this is what he had to say.

“What isn’t there to love about her? The 88 year old deserves to be worshiped. She does not hold back. She says whatever is on her mind and doesn’t care. Not to mention she is attractive for her age, which she definitely doesn’t look and she is still very outgoing. She is loved and idolized by all. It’s almost impossible to describe her in words. I love Betty White.”

Betty is described as one of television’s most beloved, talented actresses. I have to agree with my son, what is not to love about her. She’s funny and I personally just love her spunky attitude.

Robert Pattinson, star of Twilight can be quoted for saying “I think Betty White is probably one of the sexiest women in America.” (Source: Betty White Responds To Robert Pattinson’s Profession Of Love)

Better certainly is aging gracefully.

St. Petersburg Times TV/media critic Eric Deggans wrote a post months ago dissecting the Betty White Phenomenon.

In his article ‘Why are we all so in love with Betty White,’ Deggans says ” Why we love her: That’s easy — she’s funny, willing to poke fun at herself, got a miles-long resume including several classic sitcoms, still brings the funny regularly in her current work and still works a lot.”

Why do you think Betty White is so popular?

Betty White on Ellen DeGeneres Show Video

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