Baby Skinny Jeans

If you thought Heelarious- high heel shoes for babies were wrong then wait to I tell you about this next product for babies. ( I know my title gave it away.)

In my post ‘Provocative Fashion Trends and Teens‘ I commented that “If you have a teen daughter in high school, her back-to-school shopping list may contain a pair of skinny jeans.”

Well apparently teens are not he only one wearing skinny jeans. Get ready for the next trend: skinny jeans for babies. ( I guess these have been around for awhile now.)

Skinny jeans on a 2-year-old isn’t cute.

“Ava Lane, a smiley two-year-old who lives in Deland, Fla., has four pairs of skinny jeans. She received the first pair as a gift, says mom Christina Lane, who thought they looked so cute she bought more.”

Mini skinny

Gap, is selling skinny jeans for babies as small as zero to three months old. According to an article Do These Jeans Make My Diaper Look Big, ” skinny styles now make up 40% of its jeans offering for infant and toddler girls and 70% for girls at the kids division.”

Why are parents sliding their little ones into skinny jeans?

Why are they making clothing for little kids that mimic what adults wear? I’m guessing it is because some mothers wish to create a mini them. Well that ‘mini-me mentality’ is getting out of hand here and the long term effect on girls is damaging.

What do you think of skinny jeans for babies and toddlers? Are they harmless, and cute or troubling?

Would you or have you bought skinny jeans for your baby or toddler?

In 2007 one blogger was so appalled at skinny jeans for babies that she wrote a letter to Gap. Open letter to Gap.

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