What discrimination looks like

In regards to my post “A cab driver yells prejudice.”

Someone recently commented “You wrote on a topic you probably have never experienced.”

There are many forms of discrimination, based upon prejudice.

We have all been on the receiving end of someone’s prejudice at one time or another.

Don’t assume that I have never experienced prejudice or discrimination. I have encountered plenty.

There is a lot of discrimination that follows a woman in this world. If she is a plus size woman like I am, then you can imagine what prejudice and discrimination on the basis of attractiveness and body one must face. Having to suffer from a weight issue due to thyroid disease has many disadvantages for me. One of them being ridiculed because of my size.

“Discrimination against overweight people – particularly women – is as common as racial discrimination, according to a study by the Rudd Center for Food.” (Yale daily news- Weight bias rivals race prejudice)

Rebecca Puhl, research scientist and lead author said, “These results show the need to treat weight discrimination as a legitimate form of prejudice.”

Much of society has decided that obesity prejudice is somehow okay, but it isn’t ok.

( I have previously blogged about my thoughts regarding ‘discrimination against overweight people’ in my post ‘Pathetic insults- Overweight women.’ When a person is overweight they become an easy target for insults. It is saddening the cruelty and prejudice that I have had to deal with. )

I have also been discriminated against, and treated badly because I suffer from a mental illness.

On Jan 7th, I spoke about my ‘Pretty Woman shopping experience,’ where I felt like I was judged by a salesclerk in a jewelry store based on my appearance, because I wasn’t dressed professionally.

So to the blogger who wrote ‘You wrote on a topic you probably have never experienced’:

You assumed wrong!

No one should be subject to any type of discrimination, but unfortunately everyone is.

Discrimination, stereotyping and prejudice is damaging. It breeds hatred and it hurts the individuals involved. Not only does it have a negative effective on ones health, but it effects their social well being and their ability to live normally in society.

Feel free to share examples from your own life where you (or someone you know) has been discriminated against.

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