Human Teeth Jewelry

More and more fashion designers are creating eco-friendly jewelry.
Diamonds are a girls best friend, but for Polly van der Glas teeth is.

This might be the strangest collection of Jewelry I’ve seen.

Australian jewellery designer Polly van der Glas has released a collection of jewelry made from human teeth. Yes, you did read that right.

human ring

I asked Polly a couple of questions pertaining to her crafts via email.

Rose: How did you start making human teeth and hair jewelry? Where did the idea come from?

Polly: “The idea for the concept began in fashion school when I became fed up of the extraordinary manipulations we put our bodies through to conform to shifting physical ideals. I became interested in critiquing our obsession with the beautiful body. With these works, I wanted to take parts of the body that we admire, cultivate, brush, colour and fuss about, and use them in a way that makes us question this facade. A wonderful writer, De Clarke, once wrote that “beauty is nine tenths grooming and class. It is not the face or the body, but the technology, the cosmetics, the costume”. When teeth and hair and fingernails become dis-attached they are considered repulsive. But when attached, they are key to our ideas of beauty. I want to explore how this meaning transforms.”

Sterling silver human tooth necklace

Check out Polly’s website ‘VAN DER GLAS‘ to see the rest of her teeth.

Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so Polly van der Glas accepts donations of teeth. So if anyone out there has a collection of teeth they’ve been wanting to get rid of, please send them right over to Polly Van der Glas.

What do you think of the teeth jewelry?

The other day my son was at work. He works in hospitality. One of his customers had 4 human teeth in his wallet. My son was curious why the guy was carrying around human teeth, so I dedicate this post to my son.

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