Making diamonds from cremated remains

Turning loved ones into diamonds

Talk about bizarre eco-fashion!

Have you ever considered what you would like your love ones to do with your ashes if you have chosen cremation following your death?

Why settle for a casket or cremation urn when you can have yourself turned into a diamond ring.

How to get cremated remains turned into diamonds

There are several companies that offer diamond jewelry created from pet or human carbonized remains.

laboratory-grown “personal” diamonds. not only not only turns ashes into diamonds and hair into diamonds, they also have a full line of cremation jewelry, rings, and pendants creates certified, custom diamonds from a lock of hair or cremated ashes.

Turning your dearly departed into a diamond doesn’t come cheap. It could cost any where from $2,250 up to $16,990 depending on the caret and color. The bigger the diamond the greater the cost.

For some though, the expense is well worth it.

Did you know that the average person has enough carbon in them to produce between 50 and 100 diamonds.

I wonder what a person’s reaction would be when they say ” I love your ring” and you reply thanks it is my Grandma. Them: Don’t you mean it’s your Grandma’s ring? You: No it’s my Grandma! I had her turned into a diamond.

Losing someone you love is devastating. Whether that loss is a family member, friend or a pet, but would you wear a diamond created from human or pet ashes?

Would you like to became a diamond after you die?

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