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Never judge a book by its cover! Cause you don’t know what lies within its pages

Celebrating Women’s rights

Jessica Marie also known as ‘Vulva love lovely’ is an artist that goes by the slogan “Love your Vagina, Love the Vaginas you meet, Foster understanding and appreciation of Vagina, Be happy with your Vagina.”

She crafts feminist, body positive products from hand sculpted Vagina pendants, to vagina pillows, and vulva cell phone charms. She even offers personalized ‘vulva portrait’ pieces, custom made from a buyer-submitted photo or description.

I admit when I first saw the vulva pendant, I thought to myself who would want to wear a vula pendant around their neck.

In the course of writing this blog post, perusing Jessica’s website, and reading Jessica’s profile on, I performed a different opinion. I realized just what the pendant symbolized for her and perhaps her customers.

In her profile Jessica says “in high school it seemed that being accepted was more important than anything else.” So she sought out sex and found it in all of the wrong places. She was taken advantage of by older men and was used by the boys in school. She describes it as horrible. In keeping the company she did, she found herself in abusive relationships and humiliated.

Jessica, begun making and selling her vulva products after a viewing of Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues.’

In her profile she goes on to say “I started making these things to help get out my frustration, then to celebrate my Vagina, now to take it back.”

The pendant is a symbol of pride, power, awareness, and unity for a cause. It symbolizes a woman’s right over her own body. In an online interview Jessica says that a majority of her pieces are purchased by women between the ages of 25 -40. “They are feminists, rape victims, and women who have experienced all other manners of sexual trauma. Three pendants were even ordered by women who were forced to undergo genital mutilation.”

The Vulva pendant

Vulva Pillow

The Vulva pillow

Vulva Cell Phone Charm

Vulva Cell Phone Charm

Jessica hopes that her work will inspire all of you to look at women differently, and if you are a victim of abuse may her products heal your soul, because she knows that we are all wounded in one way or another.

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