Jewelry made from fingernails

Fingernails made into pieces of art

Colleen, a faithful reader of my blogged asked “what jewelry when they make next?”‘ “Jewelry from finger nail clippings?”

Well, Colleen I bring to you jewelry made from finger nail clippings.

Rachel Betty Case, 24, of Bethlehem is an artist who makes jewelry from clipped finger nails and toe nails encased in resin with an amber resin backing. Some of her handcrafted ‘Human Ivory jewelry’ includes rings, pendants for necklaces, tie-clips, cufflinks and earrings. That’s not all. Rachel also designs miniature teddy bears made from belly button lint.

This pendant was created using human AND cat nails

This pendant was created using human and cat nails. Retails for $32.00.

Teddy Bear made of Belly Button Lint

Teddy Bear made of Belly Button Lint – Retails for $8.00

You can check out the rest of her works by visiting her Etsy shop or by going to

Colleen, I dedicate this post to you for asking “What’s next, fingernail clippings jewelry? Yikes!

Now you know how to recycle fingernail clippings. (My stomach is turning now.) If you can think of anymore unusual uses for fingernail clippings, please feel free to leave your suggestions.

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