Narcissistic Twitter

Are you a Twitter user who suffers from NTD?

The Twitter user who feels that their play by play daily events is worth tweeting, doesn’t reply to any one tweeting to them and never acknowledges what you are tweeting about may suffer from NTD.

NTD stands for ‘Narcissistic Twitter Disorder,’ a term coined by me.

Find out if you are a Narcissist Twitter user.

You might suffer from ‘Narcissistic Twitter Disorder’ if:

You don’t @ Reply to anyone. (Hey you! You do realize someone is talking to you don’t you? )
You only post about your whereabouts. ( I don’t care if you just stopped at the gas station, because you needed to poop.)
You only tweet your own links. ( It isn’t all about you. Stop being greedy!)
You deliberately highjack a #hashtag during a scheduled Twitter chat.
You contact random people on Twitter and ask them to follow you. ( I don’t care if you need 5 more follows to get to 500. I’m not following you.)
You describe the minute-to-minute details of your day.

11:15 PM Sep 8th via web – Billy just went down for a nap.
11: 24 Sept 8th via web: I need a haircut.
11:32 Sept 8th via web- DH is mowing the lawn.
11:35 Sept 8th via web- Putting a load of clothes in the dryer.
11:42 Sept 8th via web- I’m back. Making hot dogs and french fries for lunch.
12:21 Sept 8th via web- Billy is awake from his nap.
12:24 Sept 8th via web- Billy is snuggling with his daddy.
1:04 Sept 8th via web- Folded some laundry, put it away, started another load of laundry.
1:09 Sept 8th via web- Dog is barking at the neighbor.
1:12 Sept 8rth via web- Billy has green poo.
1:20 Sept 8th via web- I just lost 30 followers. I wonder why?

(We don’t care that little Billy just went down for a nap or that your hunny is mowing the lawn or that you are having hot- dogs and french fries for lunch. I know you care that you had hot-dogs and fries for lunch– but we don’t.)

There is nothing wrong with tweeting about yourself, just don’t tweet all bout yourself.

While this post is meant to be humorous, it isn’t meant to be humorous at the expense of those suffering from Narcissism Personality Disorder- a real disorder.

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