Clothing Made From Blow-Up Dolls

Leave it to me to bring you something bizarre.

Introducing a new line of clothing designed by 32-year- old Utrecht-based designer, artist Sander Reijgers. Reijgers uses fashion and sex to make wearable works of art. In his collection titled ‘Mama Anders Design’, he uses parts of blow-up dolls as material to make clothing.

Mama Anders

Sander Reijgers says, “My work is not about recycling, because the dolls are new and not used.”

It is refreshing to know that he doesn’t recycle used blow-up dolls. That would be gross!

The jackets represent the present music (Hip Hop), brands, sex, and woman, says Reijgers. However, when it comes to his art- he wants us to form our own opinion. Reijgers says, “who am I to tell you what my work is about.”

So what’s your opinion on Sander Reijgers designs? Would you wear one? I’m really on the fence with this one. While bizarre, I think it is kind of cool. Certainly creative!

Check out Sander’s blowup doll art.

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