Bizarre Things to Do With Cremains

If you thought turning your cremated ashes into diamonds was strange then check out these 7 bizarre things to do with cremated remains.

Ashes can be converted into glass objects

Memorial Paperweight

This paper weights costs £195 including VAT, engraving and delivery

Glassblowers Bill Rhodes and James Watts create Memorial Jewellery and Paperweights by mixing your Loved One’s cremation ashes with molten Crystal Glass and coloured crystals.


Have them stuffed into a Teddy Bear

A Memorial Teddy Bear

A Memorial Teddy Bear has a zipper in the back seam with a cloth pouch sewn inside the Memorial Bear to place the ashes of your loved one.

Via Memorial Teddy Bears and More by Ruth

Pencils made from cremated humans

Human pencil
You can now have ashes made into pencils. Artist Nadine Jarvis can create pencils from the carbon of human cremains. Each body can make up to 240 pencils

What happens to grandpa when you sharpen him away?

Fireworks from human ashes


Angels Flight will turn your loved one’s cremated ashes into a beautiful fireworks display. “As the music plays, the family looks skyward over the beautiful ocean waters, watching the fireworks carry their loved one’s cremains into the air.” How much does this cost? A beach service package begins at $4,250.

Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reefs create artificial reefs out of a mix of human crematory remains and environmentally-safe concrete.

Be Launched in a Helium Balloon

Your loved one or pet can now be safely transported to the heavens in a giant helium-filled balloon.

Via Eternal Ascent Society

Have your cremated ashes turned into works of art

Artist J. Raven Collins creates paintings of the deceased with traces of cremated ashes mixed in. Get a portrait made of your loved one using some of their cremated ashes! Prices range from 500 to 900


I think I may rethink being cremated.

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