Fat an offensive word

Words have power – both positive and negative.

“Fat” is a loaded word.

I find calling someone fat insulting. The reason I find this word  insulting is because of the stereotypes about overweight people. Society places a great emphasis on being slim. Someone who is over-weight is confronted with this image of what a person should look like every day. We live in a society that demands perfection.

It’s society prejudice against those who are over-weight, as well as the intent that people use this word in  that gives a little three letter word so much power.

Fat is a bad wordAt the end of the day some may say that ‘fat’ is just a word describing a physical characteristic, but sadly ‘fat’ is a word with an unfortunate amount of stigma attached to it. Society has made the word ‘fat’ a very negative word.

Also keep in mind that the word ‘fat’ can mean different things to different people. Some people consider any woman over a size 9 or 12 fat.

Some may also consider the word ‘fat’ offensive, because the word is often used to belittle an over-weight person. “Fat” is indeed a very loaded word that some have no problem using- fat ass, fat pig etc.

If I call myself fat is one thing, but if I use it to describe others who may find the word offensive it is another.

Take time to examine your own attitudes regarding someones outer appearance. Are you unknowingly discriminating when you use the word fat?

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