How to change your Twitter username

In my post ‘How to use Google Analytics Keywords‘ I mention using the keywords and keyword phrases found in Google Analytics to build new content.

Well, recently while going through my Google Analytic I came across the following keyword phrase: If I change my twitter name will I loose my followers. I thought what a great question for a blog post, so without further ado here is your answer potential blog visitor.

If I change my twitter name will I loose my followers?

If you change your user-name you will not loose all your followers, but it is a good thing to send a tweet alerting your followers that you have changed your name.

How to change your Twitter user-name

Changing you twitter display name is simple.

  • Log in to your Twitter account and select Settings
  • In the page that opens up, in the user-name field, type in your desired new name. (It will tell you if a particular name is unavailable)
  • It will then ask you to confirm your password in order to make the change.

Secure your Twitter name

If you change your name you may want to create an account with your old Twitter name, so someone doesn’t grab it up. Then you’ll want to create one tweet that reads: This is my old twitter name. You can follow me at:

Third Party Twitter Services

If you use any third party Twitter tools to connect to Twitter you’ll have to change your login info there as well.

That’s all there is to it. You have now changed your Twitter name, and kept all your followers .

Have you ever changed your Twitter name?

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