Copyright and news articles

Stop! Don’t copy that article to your blog without permission.

I’ve written on this subject a zillion times. Well maybe not a zillion times, but often enough.

However, it is a blogging fact that over time, our older posts can go unread and you have to recycle the topic. Lately I have noticed a widespread disregard for copyright when it comes to blogging.

I realize that some bloggers are unacknowledged to the fact, while others are just ignorant to the fact that they are infringing on copyright.

Do you republish news articles in their entirety on your blog?

As a writer nothing irks me more than seeing someone copy an article, without permission and repost the article to their blog in the articles full entirety.

It doesn’t matter if you copied the article from the news outlet of the Washington Post or a personal blog; if you’re posting full articles to your blog without permission, you are infringing on copyright.

Don’t assume that if you credit the author there is no copyright infringement. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material is not the same as obtaining permission.

If you are posting articles to your blog in their full entirety I recommend that you refrain from doing so and edit the ones you have already posted.

Quoting discussing and linking to the original article can save you a lot of headache. News outlets have been known to send out DMCA take down notices requesting for infringing materials to be removed. Why wait until you get one when you can do the right thing now.

Something I have recently learned: You may not always quote or link to copyrighted content. Depending on the copyrighted statement, the owners of the material may forbid doing so. Always check the website’s Terms of Use before quoting or linking.

This article is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer.

Your thoughts?

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