To follow or not to follow

Twitter Etiquette: A guide to getting unfollowed by me

On Twitter everyone’s follow and unfollow policy is different. Some people automatically return-follow everyone who follows them. I don’t, which is obvious if you look at my follow count vs those following me.

Here are some reasons that I may not be following you on Twitter or why I may have unfollowed you.

I’ll unfollow you if:

  • You post the same urls over and over.
  • You’re a snob.
  • No interaction- You never reply to anyone.
  • You post nothing, but links.
  • All you do is RT what others have said. (Some retweeting is good, but your timeline should not consent of all RT’s.)
  • You suffer from NTD. (Only talking about yourself.)
  • You left Twitter. (Obviously I’m not going to continue to follow someone no longer on Twitter.)
  • If your tweet stream becomes nothing but inspirational quotes. (I like quotes as much as the next person, but I can go to my own writing community to read them.)
  • You never reply to me. It’s one thing if you’re @problogger and have 106,334 followers. You can’t possibly keep up with all the tweets you receive, but then there are those who are not among the elite, have fewer followers and yet they can’t take five seconds to respond to your tweet to them.

Reasons I will not follow you on Twitter

  • Your tweets are full of curse words.
  • We previously followed each other, had a fight and we just don’t interact well together on Twitter.
  • You’re a spammer.
  • You have no user avatar.
  • You’re following over 5,000 users, have 20 people following you yet you have not made any updates.
  • You tweet only in a language I don’t speak.
  • Your updates clearly indicate that you only care about promoting your website.
  • You state you need 8 more followers to reach 300.
  • Your Twitter stream promotes illegal drug use.
  • You do have a photo, but it is of a trashy nature resembling that of a porn bot.
  • You are a porn bot. I am not interested in meeting hot singles.
  • Your Tweets involve phrases like Dude, Peace out Lamer, and I am wasted.
  • You followed me only because I mentioned the word Etsy in a tweet.
  • Your twitter name starts with a curse word.
  • You are a celebrity.
  • You tweet nothing but ads.
  • You only retweet and have no original tweets.
  • You are promoting a ‘get more followers on Twitter scheme.’

If I haven’t followed you it may not because any of the reasons listed. It could be that you somehow got lost amongst those following me. Assuming you care enough about me following you, why not introduce yourself by sending me a hello tweet.

Clean up your following Twitter list with The Twit Cleaner

The Twit Cleaner is an app by @sidawson that is designed to help you clean out your twitter account. I love it.

Thanks to Twit cleaner – @Twitcleaner:

  • I unfollowed 11 users who posted nothing, but links.
  • 4 people who kept retweeting the same links.
  • 3 people who didn’t interact with anyone.
  • 5 people whose content was not original.
  • 1 person trying to sell me crap.
  • 12 people who skipped ship on Twitter.

How Do I Look To The Twit Cleaner?

This is what Twit cleaner had to say about me.

You’re awesome! Keep being your wonderful self – you don’t appear on anyone’s reports.

Your opinion counts:

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