How to build relationships on Twitter

Twitter is not all about you or me

Now a days Twitter is used by everyone from small website owners looking to increase their online visibility to bloggers looking to network with other bloggers to celebrities wishing to connect with their fans.

I achieved a lot from Twitter in terms of building traffic for this blog and establishing connections that I might not have come across if not because of Twitter. I have received 201 visits alone this month via Twitter referral. (Thank you to everyone who promoted me.)

If you’re looking to get the best out of Twitter, there is one important thing that you can do to build a stronger relationships with your followers.

Twitter is not all about You!

You limit your chances of truly connecting with your followers when you constantly promote yourself. No one wants to follow someone with narcissistic tendencies.

Send out useful links to sites other than your own; provide insight into important blogging topics, and connect with your followers. Initiate a conversation when opportunity arises.

Now everyone is entitled to use Twitter however they like. I certainly cannot tell you what to do, but what I have learned is that Twitter isn’t about ‘me’ or merely about ‘you.’

Would you follow someone who over tweets their products or community in almost every single Tweet and if you are following them ask yourself why? What value do they bring to your tweet stream?

In regards to initiating conversation:

#Blogchat is a great place to initiate conversation with Twitter users. Those participating in Blogchat are interested in hearing your opinion on blogging. If you don’t know what Blogchat is, please see my post ‘How to Participate in Blogchat on Twitter.’

Your Take on Twitter Relationships

What approach are you taking in building relationships on Twitter? Do you have any comments about my opinion? If you follow me on Twitter do you know who I am by looking at my username in your Twitter stream?

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