Think Pink for October

Please join me in going Pink for October

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In support of breast cancer awareness I’m taking part in ‘pink for October.’

The Pink for October campaign is about blog and website owners showing their support for ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ by turning their sites pink for the month of October. As you see I have gone ahead and changed my header and am changing all of my sites and blogs to something pink.

Please show your support for breast cancer survivors, and the ongoing research by going pink too. To participate you simply change the color of your website or blog and then add your site to the list of participating web sites and blogs at ‘Pink for October’ .

Turn your web site/blog pink however you like. It’s up to you.

You can change your entire theme to pink.
Change your header like I have.
Or change your background.

You can also add a support button to your sidebar by visiting the download page at “pink for October.’


If you are on Twitter you can show your support to Breast Cancer Research, by adding a #twibbon to your avatar.

See:Twibbon-Breast Cancer research

This year alone, more than 23,000 women in Canada, almost 450 every week, will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

You may or may not recall, but in 2008 a very dear friend of mine developed breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy to rid her body of the cancer and today she is breast cancer free. She is still undergoing reconstruction surgery to replace the breast tissue that had been removed due to the cancer.

Breast cancer strikes at all ages. Go for a screening today. Don’t only do this for yourself, but do it for the people who love you. Together we women can beat this horrible disease, but we have to make that first step.

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Help raise awareness; help save lives today!

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