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Twitter Song “Twitter me some Love” by Singers Marcomé & Bruno Pelletier

Yesterday I spoke about building relationships on Twitter. Tonight Donna Wilson brought my attention to “The Twitter friendship song” via a Re-tweet on Twitter. Guy Kawasaki co-founder of Alltop was the one to initially tweet a link to the song. (Thank you Donna and Guy)

Twitter me some love
I need your angels now
Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you

The single ‘Twitter me some love’ was written, and produced by Marcome and features vocals by singer/artist Bruno Pelletier with creative animation by Veloce Animation.

The song was inspired by songwriter Marcome’s (@Marcome) Twitter friendship with Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu)

Bruno Pelletier is a francophone Quebecer singer.

Marcomé (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a Canadian singer songwriter & musician. Marcomé has a large base of loyal followers on Twitter. At the time of this post she has 49,131 followers.

It only takes a quick look at her Twitter stream to see why. Marcome really reaches out and connects with her followers.

In a Feb 4, 2010 blog post Marcome says:

“I really started using Twitter in 2009, and it has changed my life. I met kindred spirits I never imagined possible. I’ve never been able to talk about such a wide variety of subjects and share my feelings and ideas about music all at the same place! I enjoy the direct and immediate contact and feedback that I have with my followers and fans.”

Read more: (The Making of Marcomé’s Twitter Me Some Love Song and Music Video)

Twitter Me Some Love

Marcome’s example illustrates how musicians, and artists can use Twitter successfully to keep in touch with their fan base. It also illustrates the special relationships that one can build on Twitter when you realize that it is not about you. As Twitter users we can all establish relationships with our followers that go beyond being one-sided.

What are you doing today to show your followers that you appreciate them? Why not Twitter some love today?

Watch the video:

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