My Borderline daughter

I spent another night/ early morning in the emergency room. My daughter had just taken an overdose of antibiotics.

Reason: It was another case of the “I hate you, don’t leave me” that A.J. Mahari refers to as the borderline dance in her post The Borderline Dance –
“I-Hate-You, Don’t-Leave-Me.”

She hates her b/f one minute, then loves him the next. When he goes to leave her she overdoses on pills to get a dramatic response from him. Her self injury comes from her deep emotional need to feel validated.

Before she could be released from hospital she had to have a psychiatric evaluation. 8 hours elapsed before an evaluator came in to access her.

9 am this morning, someone from crisis released her from the hospital advising her to go see a service that provides counseling services to 16 to 24 year-olds who are having social, emotional or family problems. This was not helpful. These counselors do not address her real problem nor do they understand it.

My daughter has tried the counseling route. She needs to find a skilled therapist who understands BPD.

My daughter left the hospital still in a state of BPD rage. She was consumed with her b/f. Her father and I were simply two objects in which she could vent her anger and emotion to. It did not matter that we were the ones at the hospital, the ones who had gone hours without sleep. She was not concerned that her behavior had a direct impact or her brother, father or I.

Tonight she is back at her apartment with her boyfriend as I sit here powerless and emotionally exhausted.

BPD- a virtually unending cycle.

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