Shih Tzu Pups Delivered

Our Shih Tzu Mya just gave birth on October 9th/ 10th to six lovable and cute puppies, four boys and two girls.

Breeding is not for the faint-hearted that is for sure. Mya was wonderful throughout the ordeal. Her hard labor began about 9:30.

Complications during whelping

Within minutes, at 9:54 she delivered her first puppy, a little girl who weighed 4.5 ounces. The pup was delivered in a breech position. The head was stuck. Once hubby assisted in getting the puppy out, she wasn’t breathing. Hubby rubbed, gave cpr, aspirated the throat and nose. We let Mya lick her.

Within seconds she delivered her second pup- a boy also breech and having a difficult time.

At this point I called the on-call veterinarian, and he told us what to do, which was what we were already doing. (Hubby worked on the first pup, which I’m calling hope for 30 minutes.)

Within 30 min she delivered her 3rd pup, a boy. This pup was delivered normally with no complications. At this time Mya’s maternal instincts took over.

After delivering of the 3rd pup I gave her some vanilla ice-cream and hubby took her out for a bathroom break.

2 hours pass and Mya has a fourth pup, another little boy.

An hour later she delivers what we thought was her last pup, a little boy.

At this time Mom and pups are doing well. All 5 pups are nursing and Mya looks exhausted.

Hubby and I sit down to watch some TV and my son goes on to bed.

A little over 2 hours and Mya is barking and yelping. We run in to her and she is delivering another pup. This time a little girl.

Mya had six puppies her first litter. 4 of them born on the 9th and two born on the tenth.

Today Mom and Pups are still doing well. Pups have put on some weight and Mya has enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner with her hubby Maxi.

Here is a photo of the pups. First pic the boys. Second pic the girls.

SHih-tzu boys

shih tzu girl

We take Mya and pups into the vet tomorrow. I’ll post weekly photos until they are ready for their new homes.

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