Twitter Jail

Tonight, in the midst of my conversation with other bloggers on #Blogchat I found I could not tweet any more. How frustrating! Here I am, chatting a way, and suddenly I can’t reply.

Turns out I had been sent to Twitter jail.

What is twitter jail you ask?

Twitter Jail occurs when you update your status more than 100 times per hour. Once placed in jail, you will be able to access your page, but you won’t be able to post publicly for a specific period of time.

Twitter Jail

This is a good thing to have in place for spammers, but for talkative people like me participating in #Blogchat, where we tweet more it is a nuisance.

Anyhow, it might be good to have a secondary twitter account to use when you find yourself in Twitter jail with your main account.

Have you ever been in Twitter Jail?

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