The Artificial Christmas Tree

Last year, upside down Christmas trees were popular. This year while shopping at Zellers I saw a couple unusual Christmas Trees. One was the 5 Foot Lighted Christmas Palm Tree. I could not believe it. I’m guessing these might be popular in tropical or beach locations, but I would not want one.

The other tree was the “Charlie Brown’s Tree with Blanket.” I thought this one was actually absolutely adorable. It looks just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown's Tree with Blanket

Oh how times have changed!

Every year I post a photo of my own Christmas tree on my blog. We have a Fiber Optic tree that my hubby still insists on putting lights on.

The entire purpose of a Fiber Optical Tree is to save money on your electricity bill.

Anyhow,  I could not let this year pass without sharing my decorated tree.


This years tree

Notice the red Santa? I placed him almost in the same spot last year. Now that is strange. (See below)

My Tree

2009 Tree

Christmas tree

2008 Tree

Is your tree up yet? I would love to see a photo of your decorated Christmas tree. Do you put up a real tree or an artificial one?

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