Kigo Footwear Review

Kigo footwear is a rather new shoe company, founded in 2006 by Jan Kuramoto. Kuramoto has created a new outdoor activity shoe which falls under the “light shoe” category.

My son recently had an opportunity to test out a pair of shoes from Kingo Footwear and this is what he thought.


By J DesRochers

My mother was sent a pair of Kigo Shel shoes to review.
The kigo shel is a slip on style shoe that is light weight. After a nice sprint in the blistering cold around the surrounding areas of my home I must say the shoes were satisfying to my picky standards.

Kigo Footwear shoes fits the contours of your feet perfectly. It is also low cut, leaving your foot more exposed, allowing perfect ankle flexibility.

If you have strong ankles then that is a plus as it allows more freedom. Although there isn’t any ankle support which could cause injury risk. The material is relatively thick, which has both its pros and its cons. The thick material means that the shoe will be durable and will not be worn down after several uses, but it also means that it allows little oxygen which inevitably results in sweating and some minor discomfort.

In my opinion the shoe would be perfect for indoor athletes, and for those busy days at the gym. It also makes a great walking shoe. The out sole of the shoe is thin (1.5mm) and has relatively good traction, which is where the majority of the weightless comes from.

It also has a protective rubber toe cap, which is perfect for those who tend to sprint on their toes like myself.

The Kigo shel has “removable, contoured EVA insoles” which provides you with support when needed, but gives you the option to take them out for the barefoot feel, allowing you strengthen your foot muscles along with all of the other great benefits that come with barefoot running!

I personally feel that they are less suitable for street runners as there is a small barrier between your foot and the repetitive hard contact with the ground as you run, but they would be great for the long distant cross country runner, on earthy terrain, and those ever winding paths that we all love.

kigo footwear, LLC

I would recommend this shoe to any runner, or to any active individual who needs a shoe for the “have to go” moment. I am overall pleased with the Kigo Foot Wear; like they say “The fun never stops.” I am already contemplating another pair!

Mom’s comments: Kigo Footwear shows a great commitment to the environment, which I admire. They use eco-friendly materials. “The shoes, packaging and even the water/stain resistance treatment are all eco-friendly. The uppers were milk jugs in a former life, the cements are water based, the storage bag is made from biodegradable cornstarch, and the packaging is recycled corrugate with eco-friendly inks. The water/stain resistance is remarkable – the EPA and FDA approved treatment is almost totally protective of water, salt or other elements (They even tested it with coffee).”

Shop: The Kigo Shel reviewed above by my son, as well as other great shoes for men and women, can be purchased online from

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Disclaimer: I received a free pair of shoes for the purpose of review.

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