Baron Bob Review

It never hurts to laugh and joke around once in awhile and goodness knows I could use some humor in my life. I know many of my faithful readers could too.

I have mentioned Baron Bob several times on this blog. Over the last couple years I have enjoyed looking around the Baron Bob website and have shared with you some of the unique and unusual gift ideas found there.

With Valentine’s Day coming up next Month I wanted to share a couple unique finds and also tell you about three great products that I was sent from to review.

Everyone knows what a sock monkey is and sock monkeys seem to be a big hit these days. Two of the items I was sent from Baron Bob involve sock monkeys. Introducing the  Wine Monkey Sock Monkey Wine Bottle Cover. (Say that 5 times fast.)

Winemonkey WineMonkey

The next time you take a bottle of wine as a dinner party hostess gift why not dress it up in a bottle sleeve styled after the classic “sock monkey” dolls. Wine Monkey is made from all-American red-heeled sock. When I took it out of the box it arrived in I had no words. It’s a sock. It is silly, unusual and yet I can’t help but laugh, because sock monkeys are adorable, no matter in which form they appear.

To get your own monkey wine bag, you can go to

Sock Monkey Key Covers

Sometimes I think I’m loosing my mind. I have lived in the same place for five years, but I can never remember what key is for the front door. Thanks to the Sock Monkeys Rubberized Key Covers that Baron Bob sent me,  I’ll now know. These sock monkey stretchable  key cover toppers fit over almost any shape key. The package comes with two key toppers, so I gave the boy to my hubby for his key and put the girl monkey on my house key. Now my son wants a set. They’re pretty durable for a key cover and well made. Did I mention they are really cute?  Now I can identify my keys quickly without the need to ask hubby what key is for the front door.


Buck The Singing Deerhead is a new desktop version of Buck, the animated, singing deer trophy. In this new desktop version Buck sings the song “Sweet Home Alabama.” He also says things like “Big wheels keep on turning even after they clobber a poor defenseless deer, but I’m not bitter” and “You can touch the fur ladies, I’m so soft.”

If  you want a laugh  switch Buck The Singing Talking Deer to his motion sensor. He’ll sing and talk without the need to push a button.

Buck requires three AA batteries, which are included.

I couldn’t get over how realistic Buck looks. I gave him to my uncle-in-law as a gift and he absolutely loved him. He said he was gonna hang Buck right on the wall.

If you want something that will make your friends laugh then Buck is for you. If you no longer get excited about singing Bucks that’s ok as Baron Bob has a lot of fun and usual products for you or a friend.

Henry repeats what you say in a gnome voice!!

Henry repeats what you say in a gnome voice! Record a message on Henry and then give him as a Valentine’s Day gift. Available for only $14.95 at Baron Bob.

The Forever Bouquet
Real Flowers Die! Give her an everlasting bouquet with this Forever Bouquet from Baron Bob. Well: forever, unless she tears them up. I happen to think it is cute.

Baron Bob has a warehouse with over 1000 wacky items. Drop by today and place an order. When you’re finished wish Baron Bob a happy 43rd Birthday on Facebook and like his page and follow him on Twitter.

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