Slip and Fall Accidents

Ice does not like me. I’m sure some of you if you are still here reading will remember the fall I took in the winter 2008. I ended up with olecranon bursitis.

Well, about three weeks ago I took another fall. This time I slipped on the ice and landed face first,  taking my knee off the ice.

Since my fall I have had a lot of knee pain. Sometimes I feel a popping sensation with knee movement.

My doctor mentioned perhaps there was some bleeding inside  my knee, but he wants to wait things out and see how the pain is. I’m thinking if the pain does not subside soon a trip to the ER may be in order.

There is an interesting story behind my fall too. You see in January my husband received an email asking him if he wanted to review a pair of Whooga’s ugg boots. He passed the email on to me and I agreed to test a pair.

My ugg boots arrived on the 31st. I was excited to wear them, so I wore them to a doctors appointment on the 1st of Feb.

Why oh why didn’t someone tell me that ugg boots have no traction.

Before I knew I was hitting the ground.

I have not worn my new boots since.

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