Smart Pot To Go

Mornings can be very chaotic around our house. Both my husband and son are huge coffee drinkers, but I can not imagine them  needing the RoadPro 5027S 12V Smart Car Pot.

The Smart Pot To Go is a portable heating appliance that allows you to make a cup of coffee or hot cocoa while on-the-go. It draws its power from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

On second thought, for camping or long trips the smart pot could come in  really handy. If you have a baby and need to heat milk it would be perfect for that too. It would also be quite useful  for truckers.

RoadPro 5027S 12V Smart Car Pot

The Smart Pot To Go will boil 20-ounce of water in several minutes. The device also has an auto shut-off protection.

What do you think? Could you use a Smart Pot To Go?

If you are interested, you can purchase the Smart Pot To Go for $22.21 at Amazon.

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