Rules of Texting

Texting for Stupid People


Rule 1. It’s incredibly rude to text another person while you are on a date. You’d think everyone would know this already, but I guess common sense went out the window on this one. Just ask Nicholas.

Rule 2. Do not text and walk while in a subway terminal.

Rule 3. When texting wait for a reply, before you fire off 100 more tweets.

Rule 4. Include everything you have to say at any give time in one text. Breaking up a sentence into three texts is unacceptable.

Rule 5. Intoxicated + texting = fail . If you’ve been drinking, please back away from the phone.

Rule 6. Do not use entire songs for text notifications.

Rule 7. Do not text and ride a bike in Japan at the same time. It is illegal.

Rule 8. Do not overuse  canned messages to fuel text conversations.

Rule 9. Hey stupid quit texting and drive the car.

Rule 10. For the love of everything, please silence your notifications at places where silence is encouraged.

Rule 11. This can go back to rule 1. Do not text through dinner when you are at a restaurant with the family.

Rule 12. As Cineplex Odeon Canada says “Don’t be a Tommy Texter kids, let everyone enjoy the movie.”

Rule 13. Do not end a relationship by way of a text message. That just isn’t cool.

Rule 14. Do not text KKK for ok. IF your texts were ever misinterpreted it could be a bad thing. (My son taught me that.)

Rule 15.  Do not text while on the toilet. You could drop your cell phone.

Rule 16. Don’t assume that the person you are texting a zillion times isn’t at work.

Rule 17. When texting be considerate of other people.  “Mam could you please quit texting and place your order. There are other people behind you who would like to order.”

Rule 18. Don’t text to avoid phone conversation. (“You have a cell phone to land-line message from Tommy. I love you grandma.”)

Rule 18. Don’t assume drivers see you. When crossing driveways or intersections don’t text.

Rule 20: Maybe yous should not text and walk at all or be careful when texting and walking. In 2009, a 15 year old girl was walking and texting and stepped right into an open manhole, sending her several feet into the raw sewage below.

Do you have anything to add? Did we miss anything?

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