Unique Easter Gifts

Although April 24th seems like it’s a long way off, Easter will be here before we know it. My friend Bob at Baronbob.com is celebrating Easter in a strange way with a line of products that are odd and truly unique. But then Bob is truly unique!

Twas the Night Before Easter

First up is the “Nightmare Before Easter Candy Basket.” I tell you folks this is no normal Easter basket with chocolate bunnies and candy Easter eggs.

Nightmare Before Easter Candy Basket

This alternative Easter Basket has a collection of unusual candy, like a At 11 inches long the Pet Rat Gummi Candy and a chocolate TURDLE that is nestled inside a diaper. Oh and we can’t forget the bacon and cheese flavored crickettes. My stomach is turning just thinking about them.

Edible Easter Grass

Next up is Edible Easter Grass. Perfect for lining your Easter basket. In addition to looking pretty, it is also edible. Who knew this existed? This is actually a pretty sensible product if you think about it. Bob wants you to have an edible Easter for only $3.95 a package.

Worlds Largest Gummy Bunny Rabbit

This 2.48 lb. gummy bunny rabbit is huge and over 13 inches tall.  It has got to be the worlds largest gummy candy.  Be careful eating this in one sitting. Can you imagine the calories that would be in this bunny?

So, what do you think of these products? Pretty unique are they not?

Baron Bob has a warehouse with over 1000 wacky items like the items pictured above. Drop by baronbob.com today and place an order and have a Happy Easter.

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