Funny & Unique Gag Gift Ideas For Dad

Fathers Day is Sunday, June 19th.I have tracked down some of the most unique Fathers Day gift ideas from my friends at Baron Bob- The Home of Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas. Check these out!

Truck Nutz Hanging  Balls from the rear bumper of your truck appears silly to me, but Truck Nutz are becoming the ultimate accessory! They attach easily to the back bumper where they swing happily to and fro. Get hubby a pair and let him show off his masculinity. Truck Nutz are available in: Red, Blue, Flesh (Caucasian) and Brass.

This silly toilet-shaped mug would be the perfect gift for the hard to shop for toiletmugdad. It holds up to 12-ounce of coffee and is a great conversation starter. If dad doesn’t want to drink his coffee from it he can always re- gift it next year to your aunt for her birthday. The mug makes a great candy dish.


This cool little desktop vacuum is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to eat at his computer desk. This is a great gift idea for hockey fans too. Sure, there are plenty of capable mini desk vacuums out there, but none as cool as the Zamboni.

The art of tie tying is lost on some in the younger generation. My 17 year old howtieson can not tie a tie. If your husband is like my son why not get him the “How Tie,” a black silk tie with printed instructions on it. This is a great tie for the office.


MySack is an ultra-suede golf ball holder, stuffed with 2 regulation sized golf balls imprinted with “It takes balls to golf”. Convenient clip so it attaches easily to golf bag or belt loop. This is the perfect gift if your dad enjoys a game of golf.

Baron Bob has many more unique gift ideas for dad, so be sure to pay them a visit at

I was not sent samples to review, nor was I compensated in anyway for this post. I just think Baron Bobs rocks and wanted to share these unique finds with my readers lurkers.

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