The honeymoon is over- Phase two

The definition of who I was once defined as daughter, wife and mother. I was the woman who put her child’s needs before my own.  23 years later I still do that as evident of my new role.

My youngest son left the nest two years ago.  I worried that my role of motherhood was ending with his independence into adulthood. I wondered what I would do with an empty nest. I asked myself time and time again- what now? Where do I go from here?

I soon realized my son was not leaving me, but moving towards his life.  After he moved out I missed him and worried about him. I still do. However I know I contributed to his growth and am very proud of how I raised him and the man he has become, even though at times he can vex me so.

For a very short time I enjoyed the pleasures of an empty house and time together with my hubby though it was short lived.

At 44, the next phase of my life is motherhood. There is no time for me to invest in me or my interests. I can’t say that I really know who I am. If someone were to ask me it would still be wife,  and mother.

My short lived days of a quiet  house are now filled with laughter, dirty diapers and a demanding 8 month old.  Would I change a thing? Most certainly not!

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