Pizza-Themed Merchandise

I am a pizza fan. I don’t eat it often, however I like it every now and then as a junk food treat. While pizza can be healthy, most of the pizza you buy- frozen or take out counts as junk food. Regardless, that Canadians are becoming more aware of healthy eating habits, year after year, pizza remains one of the top items ordered from restaurants across Canada.

For those totally obsessed with Pizza comes these strange products I found via Amazon.Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Raft

Few things make people happier than a huge pizza, and the beach. This giant beach blanket from BigMouth Inc. gives you the best of both worlds. It’s 5 feet across, which makes it great for sunbathing or drying off after a swim. Don’t forget your double inflatable air cushion float floating lounge chair while shopping at Amazon.

pepperoni pizza duvet

I don’t know about you, but this pepperoni pizza duvet set from WhatonEarth would give me nightmares.

This has to be one of the stupidest inventions, and yet they have reviews on Amazon. Introducing the  portable pizza pouch. What’s a Portable Pizza Pouch, you might ask? It’s a triangular plastic pouch attached to a lanyard.  Perhaps someone can explain to me, why you would need one?

Portable Pizza Pouch

How about rocking some pizza inspired gear? Pizza — your go-to fast food — is now a trendy thing to wear. From pizza socks to a pizza bikini, Amazon has the perfect pizza clothing item for pizza wearpizza lovers.

Costume designer Olivia Mears created the perfect prom dress for those deep-dish, pepperoni-piling pizza fans out there. For those who are asking where to buy it: it is a *one-of-a-kind* dress handcrafted by  Olivia and sadly not for sale. You can see a photo f it over on Esty. If you are handy with a sewing machine and plan on designing your own pizza prom dress then don’t forget your pizza jewelry.

Father’s Day is only a month way. Every dad wants some Demeter Demeter Pizza Cologne Spray. Be for warned- one reviewer has noted that it is not for food consumption. (duh-really?)

Share your strange pizza products in the comments or tell us what you think about these. Do you have a pizza obsession?

This post is dedicated to my cousin Kim and her family who own Goodys Pizzeria Bayside. (Shameless plug).

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